Fees - EU Citizens and their Family Members

The list of fees below is based on Act no. 634/2004 Coll. on administrative fees. It includes only procedures carried out by the Ministry of the Interior, excluding, therefore, consular fees charged by the Czech Republic’s individual diplomatic missions. For a complete list of consular fees, including exceptions for some countries, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

All fees are only payable in the form of stamps in the value of the particular amount. The stamps can only be purchased at any Česká pošta post office. Only the issuance of counterparts, duplicates, copies, photocopies and extracts from the foreigner’s file is paid in cash.

In the case of EU citizens, fees are charged only for procedures the realisation of which is reflected in the residence permit document. This means that, for example, a change of status of a registration certificate holder is not subject to an administrative fee as the change is made only in the Ministry’s system.

If you apply for more changes at once, the administrative fee is charged per number of applications, not per number of realised changes.