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Oficial Contacts

On this page you can find the official contacts on relevant institutions.

Ministry of the Interior

For official communication with the Ministry of the Interior use the contact channels below:

Postal address:

Ministerstvo vnitra

Nad Štolou 3

Poštovní schránka 21

170 34 Praha 7

Elektronická podatelna:

Data Mailbox ID:


Foreign Police

In charge of: invitations to visit the Czech Republic, extensions of short-term visas, reporting obligations

Foreign Police website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In charge of: short-term visas, delegations abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

In charge of: green and blue cards, work permits, social allowance and contributions

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs website

Ministry of Industry and Trade

In charge of: sole proprietorship, economic migration (employee programmes)

Ministry of Industry and Trade website