Possibilities of Foreign Nationals to Stay and Work in the Czech Republic

Foreign nationals staying in the Czech Republic may have various residence permits. The type and purpose of their residence is often relevant to their right of access to the labour market.

There is no general rule. In effect this means, that the type of document which has been issued to a foreign national, can indicate, whether or not they need a work permit, or whether they have free access to the labour market (e.g. foreigners, who have graduated from a secondary school or a university in the Czech Republic, have permanent free access to the labour market, regardless of which residence permit they have acquired).

With the objective of  improving the knowledge on this topic, the Ministry of the Interior, in co-operation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, has issued materials, providing an overview of various types of residence, suggesting the options foreign nationals have, with regard to their access to work.

Please remember, that these materials are merely a brief overview of the topic, and do not give a full summary of all the information about the residence and employment of foreign nationals (i.e., they do not cover all the situations, which can actually occur).

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