Information for Ukrainian citizens in the Czech Republic following the Russian aggression in Ukraine





Who qualifies and can apply for temporary protection in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, temporary protection will be provided especially to the following persons:

  1. To the citizens of Ukraine who resided in Ukraine before February 24th, 2022 and then left Ukraine.
  2. To third-country nationals and stateless persons who were granted international protection or corresponding national protection in Ukraine before February 24th, 2022.
  3. To family members of persons referred to in points 1-2 who stayed together in Ukraine before February 24th, 2022 and then together left Ukraine.
  4. Family member means a spouse, registered partner, unmarried minor child of a person referred to in points 1-2 or unmarried minor child of a spouse of such person, and adult dependent relative living with the family of such person.
  5. To citizens who were holders of a permanent residence permit in the territory of Ukraine by February 24th, 2022 and travelling to their country of origin is not possible due to the threat of actual danger according to the Act on the Residence of Foreigners

Temporary protection may also be granted due to family reunification with the holder of temporary protection, or exceptionally in other cases.

How can you apply for temporary protection?

For temporary protection apply in person.

In other cases, You apply for temporary protection in person at the Ministry of the Interior Offices, where they will help you individually to resolve the situation.

Citizens of Ukraine who have applied for a different residence permit (for example an employee card) deal with any matters related to the residence permit at the Ministry of the Interior Offices.

What do you need to apply for temporary protection?

  • a completed form (pdf, 2 MB),
  • a valid passport, if you hold it,
  • a document certifying that by February 24th, 2022 you resided in Ukraine and you left the country in consequence of its invasion by Russian Federation’s armed forces (for example information in your passport, confirmation of humanitarian entry or any other document in your name proving your residence in Ukraine)
  • a confirmation of accommodation if not arranged by a crisis management authority
  • and we recommend having your own photograph in the format 45 x 35 mm.

To make the whole process faster, I can complete the form in advance. If I do not submit a valid travel document to the application, the process of issuing temporary protection might be prolonged. The Ministry of the Interior cannot guarantee that the application and temporary protection will be processed on the spot.

What kind of residence permit can you apply for if you do not meet the conditions for temporary protection and cannot return to Ukraine or another country?

You have the option to apply for a visa for a stay over 90 days for leave to remain in the territory at the Ministry of the Interior Offices according to your place of residence. The application can only be submitted in person.

In order to apply it is necessary to:

  • fill in the application form (pdf, 527 kB) in advance,
  • bring stamps in the amount of CZK 300 (it is possible to buy the stamps only at the offices of Česká pošta) to pay the administrative fee for accepting the application,
  • one passport-size photograph (45 x 35 mm),
  • submit a passport, if you hold it,
  • and submit a document or documents proving the existence of an obstacle that impedes you from leaving the territory of the Czech Republic. This document can be replaced by your sworn statement, but only if the facts are generally known.

An application for this type of visa will not be processed on the spot. The legal deadline for processing such an application is 30 days. The notification of the outcome of the proceedings will be send to you by post. Unless you submit one of the above-mentioned application requirements or unless you pay the administrative fee, such a request will be considered unacceptable and will be returned back to you.

The visa for a stay over 90 days for leave to remain in the territory is valid only within the Czech Republic and it expires upon departure from the territory. Holders of this type of visa ware not participants of public health insurance, therefore it is necessary to arrange the health insurance individually. They also cannot apply for humanitarian benefits or be provided with any further assistance. This visa does not entitle its holders to have a free access to the labor market, they have to apply for a work permit at the relevant branch of the Labor Office.